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About Us:
Global Development Consulting Division provides International business project management, public relations, marketing and education for Global Businesses. Global Connected Care Services began as MediTour Expo in 2009 to promote Global Healthcare Marketing, Education, and Quality for emerging nations building their economies. MediTour Expo has held 3 International conferences and a series of business meetings in different regions of the world for the Wallcott Holdings International Medi Tour Zone(IMTZ) Economic model( The Global Healthcare messages have been Access, Quality and Communication.

Global Connected Care Services and Expertise :
GCC Services and its specialists focus on developing solutions for global healthcare and "medical tourism":

  • Global business, healthcare & economic development
  • Geopolitical strategic planing of special projects with governments
  • Global healthcare infrastructure planning
  • Global healthcare facility architectural design
  • Global healthcare branding and marketing to governments and private sector
  • International healthcare quality improvement planning
  • Latest international global healthcare communications and technologies
  • Bio-tech & security systems development & engineering
  • Global investment, insurance & financial development
  • Ongoing support for operations and management
  • Public relations & social media support

Learn how GCC Services can enhance your global healthcare presence and operations to be a part of a complete global healthcare system.

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